Workshop programme


The pre-workshop activities take two paths. First, we elicit up to five-page position papers from participants. These will contain one or both of (a) a personal account of how to select what to study or (b) a personal account of an overlooked research question in HCI. Position papers are due on January 5th 2015 (or whatever the common workshop deadline is), decisions go to authors on February 1st 2015, and papers are shared among the participants on February 15th 2015 on a web page (which also allows for comments).
Second, we elicit from participants a key paper for thinking about What to Study in HCI and a brief motivation for why that paper is relevant. The deadline is February 15th 2015; papers and motivations are shared among participants (and will later be public).


The workshop will be a one-day event. The schedule is:

  • Introduction (½hour).
  • Discussion of position papers (4 hours). Position papers will have assigned discussants.
  • Discussion of key readings (1 hours). Participants will be assigned in advance to discuss particular papers that there is a common interest in.
  • Keynotes by Patrick Baudisch and Victoria Bellotti
  • Synthesis of approaches, concerns, and ways forward (½ hours). This activity comprises group work and planning how to produce a document on the synthesis.

We ask that participants do not talk primarily about their own research agenda or attempt to use the workshop to push it. We aim for an open-minded, forward looking discussion.


We will share our work and discussions with the HCI community as a teaching and thinking aid. We will produce (a) a set of publicly available key readings for thinking about these questions and (b) a set of position papers, updated based on the workshop, that explain participants’ thinking about these questions.

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