Position papers

The papers accepted and to be presented at the workshop are below. Full text will be available after the workshop.

Baudisch, P. keynote speech

Bellotti, V. keynote speech

Bødker, S. To like or not to like?

Clemmensen, T. Four principles for selecting HCI research questions

Hornbæk, K. On how to be wrong in HCI research

Kjeldskov, J., Skov, M. & Paay, J. What to study in HCI: Beyond, Beyond, Beyond

Kostakos, V., Ferreira, D. & Pandab, P. Not what, but HOW to study in HCI: tools, data, theory

Oulasvirta, A. What to study in HCI

Padilla, S., Methven, T., Robb, D. & Chantler, M. What to Study in HCI? A Reflection Based on CHI and UK Research Data

Reeves, S. Scientific reasoning in HCI

Silvennoinen, J., Jokinen, J., Rousi, R. & Kujala, T. What to study in HCI?

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